Forno in fiore


Products for leavening

With just 15 minutes in the oven, you can offer the aroma and fragrance of an artisanal product. You can choose between straight and crescent-shaped croissants, including those made with butter, in different sizes. To satisfy all our customers’ needs, we offer wholemeal and vegan varieties, not forgetting the savoury ones that are perfect for aperitifs. There are also pastry parcels, swirls, squares, rectangles and twists: You are spoilt for choice!

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Products ready for baking

The products that are ready for baking mean that you always have the perfect solution to immediately satisfy your customers’ requests. Quarter of an hour to prepare and 15 minutes in the oven is all it takes to taste the aroma of butter and wholemeal croissants, pastry rectangles, and tartlets.

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Puff pastry range

A savoury breakfast, that extra idea for lunch, a tasty snack, or happy hour: These are all ideal moments for giving your creativity free rein and preparing tasty savoury snacks that are always unique. From the convenience of savoury bites in assorted flavours and mini tomato pizzas that are ready to go, to the great versatility of puff pastry and pastry discs.

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Ready to eat

Soft, fragrant and unoily krapfens and doughnuts that are easy to prepare and ready to serve. They do not have to be baked and allow you to quickly offer your customers a product that takes them back to their childhoods.

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